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- Get your business online in no time!

Do you need a website that works and brings in new business, even while you're sleeping or relaxing? A website that you can easily update yourself and where you have full control? An online catalogue so that orders flock in from your website... You'd love that, right?

Perhaps you've tried in the past, but things just didn't work out. Maybe somebody created a fancy WordPress website for you, but you don't have any idea on how to update it yourself. Then please read further...

At Green Lizard Grafix we spent many years to develop a robust, flexible website package with the novice in mind. With the innotime website package you are in control of your own website! Even if you have absolutely no knowledge of websites or how to manage them, you will easily find your way through the extensive Back Office. Support is always just a phone call, an e-mail or a WhatsApp message away.

What makes the innotime website package so unique?

  • The layout of the Back Office is neat and tidy, with full instructions in every section. No separate Help Files which will confuse you!
  • Configuration: Upload your company logo and own banner image(s), choose complimentary colours, maintain your own contact details. Do you have a head office as well as other branches? No problem - create a separate section for every branch.
  • Speak the language of your customers: Offer a fully bilingual website, if you want to.
  • Select and activate the features that will work for you. Deactivate those that you don't need. Customise the website menus.
  • Alerts/Newsflashes/Announcements: Focus the attention of visitors on new website content, events, etc.
  • Catalogue: Choose between a basic overview page for each division of your business, or a complete online shop.
  • Accept Online Orders and/or Payments on your website with the integrated ecwid shopping cart application and PayFast.*
  • Documentation: Multi-level section where Brochures, Manuals, Spec Sheets or any other documents can be uploaded.
  • Rich Text Editor: Maintain the text content of your Home Page, Company Profile and Terms and Conditions pages. Create additional sections where you can supply even more information (e.g. Articles, Recipes, Tips, etc.)
  • Maintain your own meta data (keywords and descriptions) for search engine optimisation
  • Links: Add a page with links to other websites (e.g. partners, suppliers, etc). Social media links can also be maintained by youself.
  • Brands: Upload logos and links
  • Photo and Video Gallery: Multi-level section where photos and videos can be displayed.

* Please note that Online Ordering/Payments are subject to the activation of accounts at our preferred e-commerce partners. Please click here for more details.

What Will It Cost?

A website of this scope, could easily cost you R20,000 or more. But times are tough, and perhaps you don't have the budget for such a huge once-off payment to have a website with all these features developed. That is why we have made this package really affordable!

This project is the result of literally thousands of hours' programming. The needs, challenges, requests and suggestions of many clients over a spectrum of industries have brought about this package. It is still being refined and expanded continously, because we want to make it as versatile and flexible as possible. We believe that this is a win win investment: An affordable product that is still being improved to the advantage of everybody that is using it, while it also helps to keep the wheels moving on this side.

- Once-off Fees:
  • There is a once-off setup fee of R3,500 which is payable as a deposit.
  • If you have a domain name already, we can transfer it for you free of charge.** If we need to register and set up a new domain name for you, it will cost R300 ( to R350 (.com, .org, etc).
  • For an online shop, there is an additional setup fee of R3,000. This includes up to 10 hours to integrate the colours and layout with the rest of the website, assistance with setting up delivery options, uploading of products and photos, perhaps an online chat functions, etc.
- Monthly and Annual Fees:
  • You will then pay a further monthly fee of R450, which includes the use of the website package (R280) as well as domain hosting (R170). You may cancel the agreement any time by giving a month's written notice. After 36 months you won't pay any further for the use of the website package, but only for hosting. The hosting includes sufficient web space on the server, as well as 20 e-mail accounts on the domain.
  • Your domain name needs to be renewed annually. At the moment, it is R100 for a domain, or R350 for a .com domain.

** If information on an existing website needs to be transfered to the new domain temporarily until the new website is in place, additional cost may be applicable.


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